About Us

NAME Lodestar Language School Ltd.
ADDRESS 4644-9-204 Shimo-suwa Machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture, 393-0046, Japan
PRESIDENT Satake Hiroshi
CAPITAL 6,000,000 Yen
ESTABLISHED July 24, 2003

Foreign Language Training

  • Train the application of business English, including presentation, discussion, and telephone-communication skills.
  • Conduct overseas transferee program (in more than ten languages).
  • Corporate Training: Contents directly linked to international business.
  • Develop logical conversation skills.
  • Evaluate speaking proficiency.
  • Provide TOEIC and IELTS courses.
General Conversation:
Give practical lessons on everyday English conversation, including overseas travel, international exchange, cross-cultural understanding and interaction skills.

Interpretation / Translation

  • Assign interpreters able to handle business needs such as negotiations, conferences, and acceptance of foreign trainees or visitors.
  • Translate contracts, specifications sheets, quality control manuals and other such content.

Corporate Philosophy

1)Basic Principle

  • AltruismWe aim to bring satisfaction and happiness to everyone involved with Lodestar (clients, students, business partners, local residents, instructors, and staff). We gain our own satisfaction and happiness from the results of our interaction with everyone we deal with.

2)Management Philosophy

  • Contribution to the Local CommunityContribute to the globalization of local industries by providing Japan’s top-level foreign language training and translation services. Provide a high-quality service based on each client’s needs, which is rewarded through client gratitude and satisfaction.
  • Company Development and Personal GrowthAchieve the development of Lodestar and the growth of each person through the determined pursuit of challenging and meaningful work, resulting in positive social outcomes.
  • Work Attitude and ActionAchieve the realization of better services and added value through continued thought and effort without ever being satisfied with the current situation.

3)Attitude Towards Clients

  • Think and Act from Our Clients’ Point of ViewWe regard each person and company as an individual, thinking and acting from their position.
  • Trust and RespectWe treat each client with respect in order to develop a relationship of trust.
  • Truly Needed ServicesWe put high regard on our clients’ needs by developing and delivering services that will truly benefit them.

4)Attitude Towards Tackling Issues

  • We positively view issues and difficulties as opportunities for improvement and as challenges that can lead to improvements.
  • We accept all problems as our own so that we can resolve them through our own actions.