AlexHead Teacher

My interest in Japan began after my father gave me a book about modern Japanese life when I was 12. I became fascinated by the differences and similarities between Japan and the UK. Many years later, I took the decision to give up my management career in England and start a new teaching career in Tokyo. In 2006, I relocated to Nagano to work for Lodestar, where it has been my privilege to help people in this area improve their language skills and understanding of other cultures. Today, I live near mount Tateshina with my wife and my dog, surrounded by incredible natural beauty. It is a joy to drive down from Yatsugatake every day to meet my students in both Nagano and Yamanashi.

Teaching is my passion. Every class is a unique experience because each person I teach is different. For me, the best lessons are when students use their English to teach each other about their interests or areas of expertise. The most satisfying moments, however, are when students reuse lesson points to succeed in international business and travel. I believe that English can give you the power to open up opportunities, deepen understanding, and make meaningful relationships.



Hello everyone! My name is James and I am from Oregon in the United States. I moved to Japan 8 years ago with my wife and daughter and now live in Matsumoto city. I have worked for Lodestar Language School for the last 8 years. Prior to coming to Japan in 2010, I was an engineer working for EPSON Portland Inc., with a colorful career that spanned more than 22 years. In order to prepare for my teaching career, I completed my Master’s Degree in TESOL from Portland State University in 2008.

About myself, I really enjoy doing outdoor activities. I currently go mountain climbing in the warm seasons and love skiing in the winter time. In addition, I always try to find projects around my home to do myself (DIY) to improve the lives of my family.

I came to Lodestar so that I could help adults acquire the necessary English skills to do business on the international stage. Working as an engineer / manager in different countries has given me a wide range of experiences and skills that are essential for international communication. I want to share my skills and knowledge to help others succeed in their careers.



My name is Sebastian, and I’m from the UK. I came to Japan three years ago, and have been working at Lodestar since 2017. Before coming to Japan, I was a teacher in Cambodia and Thailand. Prior to that, I graduated from University with a bachelors and masters in Psychology. I also have nine years experience working in retail banking, insurance, and telecoms.

I came to Lodestar in order to expand my teaching skills in a more business orientated direction. I get a great satisfaction from helping students increase their business success through the use of improved English communication skills. In the future, I hope to continue helping our students improve their English and all round communication in order to progress further in their careers. I also hope they are able to use the English they learn for personal reasons, such as international travel.

In my free time, I like to focus on my health through exercise and cooking. I swim around three times a week, and have recently taken up skiing. I am also working hard to improve my Japanese language, with the aim of making more friends without having so much of a language barrier to overcome.



Hello everyone! My name is Simon, and I come from a small country in the middle of Europe, the Czech Republic. As you might know, English is not our mother tongue. When I was a baby, my parents introduced me to English, so you could say I am technically bilingual. I was always interested in languages, so apart from English (and Czech), I am also quite fluent in German, and I have tried to understand French and Japanese. I had fun learning new languages while exploring the differences and similarities between cultures. In my opinion, mastering a language opens a door to a whole new world. In the Czech Republic, we have a saying: “If you know only one language, you live only once.” I started to teach English to share this feeling and help my students enjoy learning. The reason why I joined Lodestar Language School is that I believe we have the same goal, which is mainly the happiness of students. I also think it is currently the best place for me to be to perfect my teaching and my lessons. I hope we will have a fun learning experience together in class!